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Wedding Cake Trends You Should Know

    Wedding Cake Trends You Should Know

    When selecting a wedding cake, there are numerous possibilities – this is not your typical “chocolate or vanilla” birthday cake decision! Wedding cakes are available in various tastes, frosting kinds, colors, forms, and decoration possibilities. The possibilities are unlimited and accessible to make your cake delicious, gorgeous, and one-of-a-kind. For sweet craving inspiration, browse our favorite trends.

    Choose Your Cake Style

    The appearance of your cake should be consistent with the rest of your wedding decor. So, when you’ve decided on your wedding theme or vibe, we recommend arranging the look of your cake. That way, you’ll know your cake will suit the overall look you’re aiming for – plus, you’ll have more time to think about flavor!

    These elements can create a design and framework for your wedding cake. Select a cake that complements the decor of your venue, the season, your floral arrangements, or the cuisine.

    Consider placing one-of-a-kind décor on your cake to match our theme. Do you have an industrial vibe? Consider copper pipe, as shown in the featured image! Tropical setting? Tropical flowers, banana trees, or pineapple slices can be added. Inquire with your baker about the most unique or creative item they’ve done before – they’ll appreciate a fun twist!

    Naked cakes are trendy, particularly if your wedding has a rustic theme. A naked cake utilizes less frosting than a traditional cake, making it an excellent choice for couples who do not have a sweet tooth.

    Select the Appropriate Frosting

    What’s Better, Buttercream or Fondant?

    That is the essential question. Of course, buttercream is frequently more delectable, but if you prefer the smooth appearance of fondant, consider icing the cake in buttercream first and then layering fondant on top.

    Cream Cheese Is a Strong Competitor:

    Cream cheese frosting is a more delicious alternative that complements various cake flavors, including red velvet and spiced cakes (think: carrot cake). Citrus tastes, such as orange or lemon, can also be added to cream cheese to compliment the flavor of your cake.

    You Could Also Make a Ganache:

    A decadently rich chocolate and cream frosting with a fudgy texture. Despite its dark brown tone, your baker can decorate it with colorful fruit to make it wedding-worthy. Request a white chocolate variant, which may be tinted in almost any color!

    Whipped Cream with a Hint of Sugar:

    Whipped cream is another popular choice for couples looking for light icing with a hint of sweetness. Whipped cream icing is ideal for indoor, air-conditioned weddings and weddings in milder locations.

    A Swiss Meringue is a lesser-known option:

    Icing is formed by beating egg whites and sugar together. It’s less famous for wedding cakes (which is a plus), and it has a light and fuzzy appearance that makes it feel whimsical and romantic. Not to mention that your visitors will enjoy the light marshmallow flavor, which goes well with fruit-based cakes and fillings like lemon, raspberry, or strawberry.

    Consider the Climate

    If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in a hot climate, avoid whipped cream, meringue, and buttercream since they will melt. Instead, consider a fondant-covered cake for a summer choice that will withstand the heat much better.

    This does not imply that you are supposed to be a cake specialist who knows which icing varieties perform best in any specific climate! Rely on your baker for advice and to know which cake types will last under specific wedding conditions.

    Choosing a Cake Structure

    There are many classic and non-traditional cake structure possibilities to choose from. Your baker can assist you in selecting a custom structure that fits your theme and the number of guests.

    Cake with Several Tiers:

    The most prevalent type of wedding cake is a multi-tiered wedding cake. Traditionally, the couple keeps the top layer of the cake for their first anniversary, while guests consume the rest on the wedding day.

    One-Tier Cake:

    Single-tier cakes are becoming increasingly popular as a more minimalist alternative to traditional wedding cakes. The single-tier cake can be decorated to complement your wedding decor, with a second sheet cake made for your guests’ enjoyment.

    Cupcake Arrangement:

    Many couples have opted for a cupcake presentation instead of the traditional tiered cake. Cupcakes are an excellent single-serving alternative that can be presented creatively. They can also be used to dress up a one-tier wedding cake.

    Alternatives to Traditional Cakes:

    Some couples forego the cake entirely, opting for a presentation tailored to their tastes. In recent years, the French Croquembouche, a patisserie pastry created with cream puffs and spun sugar, has increased in popularity. Another option is a “cheese” cake, which consists of tiers of cheese wheels arranged in the same manner as a wedding cake. Tiered donuts, macarons, cake pops, cookies, or cannoli displays are another creative option to integrate your favorite dessert into your wedding celebration.

    Do you require a cake topper?

    A classic figure is always a popular choice, but more and more couples are using the cake topper (and even the cake stand) as a moment of personalization on their wedding day.

    Choose something that symbolizes your relationship, such as a clay model of your pet, figurines of your favorite fictional characters, or a sleek monogrammed acrylic pedestal.

    If you have an heirloom piece, particularly a superb porcelain antique, work with your baker to incorporate it into a suitable design so that it is securely put.

    A bouquet of sugar flowers, a waterfall of icing ribbons, or even a sugar block hollowed out to show your new monogram are all options.

    When choosing a wedding cake, there are no wrong answers – it’s cake! Whatever flavor or icing you choose will be delicious and a memorable part of your wedding day. Above all, stay true to your desires and inquire about an anniversary tier with your baker!

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