Zodiac Signs That Throw the Best Parties

Some people have a knack for entertaining and can sense what the crowd needs to feel comfortable and ready for a party. Excellent hosts cover everything from conversation and atmosphere to appetisers and seating. Some of us are natural hosts, while others are better guests.

If you're familiar with astrology, you know that some placements are better at understanding others' needs and making everyone feel welcome. These traits help throw a party that people will talk about for months.

If you have a friend born under one of the following placements, you may want to attend any event they planned. Let's examine the zodiac signs most likely to throw the year's best party.

Elegant Libra

Libra's charm comes from their natural ability to please a crowd. Libras' homes are beautiful and welcoming. Libras prioritise harmony, so you won't notice their behind-the-scenes efforts to create the perfect evening because you'll be enjoying yourself.

Wild Leo

Leo's parties are huge and wild. Leos have big hearts and love their friends, so they'll do anything to make their guests feel welcome and appreciated. Be ready to go all out for themed parties with costumes and games with the extroverted and free-spirited Leo in your life.

Nurturing Cancer

Cancer hosts more dinner parties than ragers, but they're just as memorable. Anyone close to a Cancer has probably felt safe and free to be themselves. Due to their sensitivity, Cancers go out of their way to make everyone feel seen and accepted.

Chatty Gemini

Gemini, another social air sign, is last. Gemini, spontaneous and ever-mirroring the energy around them, can sense what vibe will bring out the party animal in each guest. Gemini events are worth attending.

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