Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Chase You 

There are two types of daters: those who chase and those who let things happen naturally.

Sun signs, based on birth dates, can reveal relationship traits. It can reveal their romantic nature or propensity to cheat and lie. Their zodiac sign indicates how hard they'll pursue you.

Fire signs are aggressive, action-oriented, and challenge-seekers. Fire signs pursue their partners, though they may not bond as strongly as water signs.

Geminis are naturally curious and often become obsessed with learning everything about people. They'll ask what you think of the new true crime documentary.


Cancer is reserved and takes time to open up. Once they trust and see a future with someone, they'll do anything to make them theirs. Cancer's crab claw is big.


They are very passionate. Mars rules Aries. They are also the first sign in the zodiac and will do anything to get someone


Pluto rules their intense nature. Like Gemini, they want to know everything about someone they like, but more deeply. Scorpios are possessive, romantic, and passionate.


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