Your Zodiac Sign's Best Hobby

Aries : Zumba

Aries is brave and confident, excelling at physical challenges. This fire sign relaxes by sweating and dancing. Aries, who hate inactivity, love Zumba.

Taurus : Gardening

Reed says Taurus is selfless and always does the right thing. Taurus has the nurturing energy to start and finish a garden. Taurus's patience will pay off when their seeds grow into flowers, vegetables, herbs, or a mix.

Gemini : Learning a new language

Multilingual people can communicate with more people. Reed says Geminis are quick learners and "ready to give advice." This air sign's positive energy, curiosity, and love of ideas make language learning fun. Geminis also talk the most.

Leo: Collecting

Reed says Leos value happiness over money. They have passions and prioritise. Leos love organising and displaying their collections—from novelty mugs to retro vases—and each new addition.

Virgo: Baking

Shy Virgos work hard. “Anything they do, they do to perfection,” says Reed, so Virgos love perfecting recipes for pastries and banana bread. This sign will enjoy it.

Libra: Volunteering

Extrovert Libras are friendly and diplomatic. Their graciousness makes them ideal volunteers. Once this air sign finds a good cause and a way to help, they can do great things. Volunteer Match matches non-profit organisations with volunteers, so if you're interested in volunteering or donating, you can find great local non-profits on the site.

Scorpio  : Hiking

They like helping, but they need space.” This water sign enjoys hiking, whether on a trail or creating one. Scorpios won't stop until they reach the top—literally.

Sagittarius : Meditation

Sagittarius has "a very serene energy," says Reed. Sags benefit from introspection. Reed suggests yoga. Meditation complements its focus on body-mind harmony.

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