Your Man's Venus Sign's Ideal Valentine's Day

Aires Venus enjoys playing

This placement's naïvety and your lover's childlikeness will inspire Valentine's Day mischief. Gaming, being "goofy" "and giggling are fine. They'll help you win the day.

2. Taurus Venus is more serious.

"Shiny" will make them happy." Taurus loves gifts, and no Venus will appreciate you more. They're romantic, but a gift will make them swoon!

Gemini Venus keeps busy.

They're confusing, but if you're up for a busy Valentine's Day, you'll win. They enjoy movies, dinner, and nightclubs. They won't bore and you'll like the results.

4. Venus matches Cancer.

On Valentine's Day, the moon, the planet of emotions, pairs well with Cancer and Venus. Today, emotional Venus needs nurturing and attention. Cooking or eating at a nice restaurant is essential. Kisses and hugs are appreciated.

5. Venus is dramatic.

Romance and compliments are beneficial. Happy Valentine's Day requires more than usual acknowledgment of their greatness.

6. Virgo Venus needs care.

Keep reminding them that you love them. They appreciate it on this special day, despite appearances. Chocolate's great!

7. Look sharp for a Libra Venus

If your special someone has a Libra Venus, look sharp today because their knees will weaken and their eyes will savour the moment. Because of their attractive partner, they want to appear refined. They love you for dining, winning, and socialising.

8. Scorpio Venus dislikes games.

Valentine's Day is the time to show you're as serious as they are by being romantic. Modeling lingerie at home may be a good idea! Passion and joy follow.

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