Why Is Dating Hard Today? Answers May Surprise You

The paradox of choice can cause you to freeze or perfectionism. Why settle for someone imperfect when there are so many options?

Modern Dating: Choice Paradox

Nowadays, relationships break. If this marriage doesn't make you happy, divorce is always an option. Children are used to packing their bags on Sundays to move between their parents' houses.

The Grass Is Greener, etc.

Due to our high expectations of romantic partners, many of us find dating difficult. We used to live in a community. We had to find passion elsewhere when marriage became purely economic.

Complete Me or I Leave

A 2021 study found that dating apps increase anxiety and depression. Tinder dates may not make you depressed, but they contribute to our declining mental health.

Dating Anxiety Exists

Someone browsing on their phone with headphones won't look at you across the train. No warmup. Get up, get their attention, watch them remove their headphones, and ask them out.


Dating is often impersonal. Social media lets you get to know someone without ever meeting them, unlike dating apps.

Before You Know Each Other

Many young women have reported being harassed or sent explicit messages on dating apps. Meeting in person is also dangerous. Technology makes more people date and avoid.


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