Who is Best Husbands according to zodiac sign


He's blunt (no honey, you're supposed to sugarcoat when I ask if I look fat in my dress!). it's refreshing. He will never question his relationship intentions. He will tell you before you ask.


His morals forbade it. He'd attend your year-long bowling league every week. He hates bowling. He's there. He'll never disappoint. Taurus husbands hate disappointing loved ones. He's genuine, and you'll know when he loves you.


Affectionate Geminis make good husbands. Not just hug and kiss affectionate—make you feel like Gisele Bundchen all the time affectionate. He's all lovey-dovey around you. Even if you don't like PDA, his sweetness is irresistible.


He will always try to remember special moments you shared. He'll apologise and wipe your tears if he forgets. He's sentimental and can guard your heart. He will surprise and amaze you if he can. Adorable!


He will protect you. He's your rock. His bravery impresses many, including you. He's unwavering. He won't leave if your relationship stalls.


Virgo men never struggle. His tenacity will dispel any doubts. He'll work tirelessly to fix anything that goes wrong. Virgo men promise forever.


His tact is rare. Libras are wise and know honey works better than vinegar. That will ensure peace with everyone. He'll be kind and mother-approved.


He makes every day a romantic novel. His passion will remind you that he is your Fabio. Scorpio men will always support you if you like romance but want a man to yourself.


He provides hope when things go wrong. Positivity brightens every day. Even with a storm brewing, he brightens the world. He knows how to cheer you up. Though independent, Sagittarius men will make time for you.


Family-oriented Capricorns make good husbands. A loving family is his priority. He values relationships greatly. He will always strive to strengthen your relationship. He loves his family. He'll demonstrate his priorities. YOU.

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