which zodiac sign is best in bed

Your s*x is direct and goal-oriented! As Mars, the god of war, is your ruling planet, your bedtime behaviour is raw and rugged. You love romping and have a voracious appetite. Because of your instantaneous mutual attraction, you don't need fancy dinners, sweet talk, or lingerie.


Gemini, your duplicity precedes you. You can act like a helpless baby in bed. You can also dominate your partner! Your partner must understand that you need variety in the bedroom to avoid boredom. Clever, chatty, and mischievous, you're fluent in dirty talk and love to talk through your feelings, so you'll say "I love you" at the climax, even if it's a meaningless one-night stand.


Cancer physical attraction is magical. Cancers, ruled by the moon, go through phases. They may be horny one day, but if they feel exposed, they'll retreat! Cancers must be emotionally vulnerable to enjoy the experience. Cancers have amazing s*x with partners who match their energy.


Leos demand spectacular intimate relations. Because you're ruled by the bright, confident sun, you want a partner who can worship the ground you walk on without becoming obsessed with you. You need your partner to leave you wanting more. You're known for your ability to attract lovers, but in bed you're wild and animalistic.


Virgo, everyone wants your flower. Despite your stoic demeanour, you're sending out subliminal signals to the right people that you're ready to be wooed. The classic sub, you please. The thought of making your partner come makes you come. Virgos are detail-oriented and will remember every time their partner moans and what they were doing, noting what turns them on.


Libras appear so chiselled, pristine, and aloof that you might not even imagine them humping in the bedroom. They're so statuesque and beautiful that you wonder if they can really let loose. Libras' wild side comes out when they're in love, so don't judge a book by its cover. Libras, the sign of harmony, are attracted to extremes.


Scorpios are known for their gayness. Honestly, their BDE (aka "big dick energy") rumours are true. Scorpio rules the genitals, so physical attraction is in their DNA. Scorpios are mysterious and hard to crack, but in the bedroom, they reveal their entire soul to their partner.


Sagittarius are truth-seekers and adventurers, which shine in physical intimacy. You're open to all kinds of procreation and might not even know what turns you on because your tastes and desires change with each s*xual experience! You love sleeping with people who can show you a new world, especially those with advanced romantic abilities who can teach you about carnal connection.


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