Top tips for flying with a cat

Cats may need to fly for various reasons. Maybe you're moving and need to fly, or you're on a long trip and would rather bring your cat than leave them with a cat sitter. When rescue organisations ask people who are already travelling to bring a cat to a new home, you may be helping them.

Whatever your reason for flying with a cat, you'll need the best cat carrier, paperwork, and other supplies to avoid problems during boarding and the flight. You'll want to minimise cat stress during this. Here are the best cat-flying tips and FAQs.

Can you take a cat on a plane? 

Cats can fly as cargo or passengers. Pets over a certain weight must be in cargo, but airlines vary. The Humane Society of the US advises against shipping cats. Never ship your cat. Before flying with your cat, check the airline's requirements for documentation.

Cat flights cost how much?

Travel and Leisure(opens in new tab) estimates domestic flights with cats cost $75–125. International airfares will rise.

How to prepare for flying with a cat

Starting with a vet visit, there are many ways to prepare a cat for flying. Some cats get stressed during travel, so ask if they need medication. Your vet may prescribe medication for your anxious cat. Vets often prescribe buprenorphine and alprazolam for cat travel anxiety. Before travelling, test the medication on your cat at home.


Thundershirts swaddle cats like babies and reduce anxiety in many cases.

2. Pheromones

Pheromone collars and sprays help calm. Spray the carrier and bedding.

3. Empty stomach (for the cat)

Don't feed your cat breakfast before flying to reduce the risk of vomiting, nausea, and bathroom breaks. If they have to go, line the carrier with absorbent pee pads and bring extra pads, poo bags, paper towels, and gloves to clean up.

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