what should a man do to make a woman like him

We all know that suits are for business and formal occasions. First dates rarely involve suits. When worn properly, ladies love them.

A Fitted Suit

Try checking the time with a subtle flick of the wrist and a glance at your watch—people will notice your politeness and you may attract a few ladies looking for a thoughtful, well-mannered gentleman.

Wrist Watch

Find your signature scent. Try several samples before finding one that works. This article explains men's fragrances.


Pink shows women you're confident in your masculinity. You're bold and know how to wear pink.

The Color Pink

Boxer briefs combine boxer shape with brief fit. They don't chafe, don't expose your manhood, and are comfortable for running and working out.

Boxer Briefs

For many body types, finding perfect-fitting jeans is difficult. You'll need to experiment to find the right brand, cut, and style for your body type.

Stylish Jeans

Women can tell a lot about you from your shoes. You're figured out before you speak.


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