What Pet Suits Your Sign?

perhaps a Jack Russell terrier. Aries is likely the fit bicyclist with the cockatoo on his shoulder. An older cat or hamster that doesn't mind being alone works too. Or a menagerie of cats, rabbits, and dogs?


A soft Russian blue or Scottish fold cat suits the sensual Bull. No slimy reptiles for you, but the tortoise, your other animal symbol, may charm you. Dalmatians are anxious. A Taurus plays catch with a friendly golden retriever or beagle in the park.


A parrot or cockatiel makes a great companion for the Twins. Birds resonate with your airy, free spirit -- and what a plus for your chatty nature if your pet can actually talk back to you! You'd also appreciate an intelligent dog, like a German shepherd.


Forget the prickly crab. Cats curled up in balls represent you. Tabby cats are like you—loving, cuddly, and food-oriented. You'll be in seventh heaven if you let your female cat have kittens. Cancers feed pets under the table.


Lion pride. Your royal pet should be beautiful or exotic. Iguana, Bull Mastiff, or long-haired tortoiseshell cat. Leos flaunt their Arabian horses.


Virgo, you won't tolerate smelly dogs, shedding cats, or misbehaving animals. You'll demand puppy training and cat grooming. Everyone will thank you!


You value beauty. Librans are stylish and match their couches with cream-colored Persians. Lizards, snakes, and scruffy dogs disgust you. An elegant afghan would suit you. Exotic fish are beautiful and calm you.


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