Top 10 Libra Personalities

Zodiac sign Libra is seventh. Libras are born between September 23 and October 22, the start of fall.

Libra's animal-free symbol is unique. But it's spot-on. Scales represent Libra. Libra's world must balance like a scale. Libra wants justice and harmony.

What is a Libra?

Libras encourage us to slow down and enjoy this pleasant change in the air, but this is one of their biggest flaws. They care deeply about others and feel responsible for their own and others' opinions and well-being.

Libras like teamwork. They work well in groups, but not everyone. They enjoy problem-solving together, which reflects their balance.

1. Cooperative

Libras love people and are naturally social. They like meeting new people and learning what makes them laugh, cry, or tick.

2. Social

Libras are great conversationalists. They solve problems well because they think quickly. Libra friends can help you out of tough situations.

3. Clever

Libra values justice and fairness to maintain balance. They listen to everyone before making a decision (they probably won't).

4. Fair

Libras trust others. Due to their optimism, they set the standard for positivity. In a world full of hate, it's good to start with no ill will.

5. Idealistic

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