Three Zodiac Signs Who Secretly Want Romance

Some zodiac signs have high emotional drive, especially in relationships. They're romantic dreamers. It's not always practical, but being in tune with one's emotions is a talent.

Love is taught early on. Love is one of the purest emotions and makes life worth living. Romantic love is the most popular type of love.

Love Is All Around Us

These romantic relationships increase with age. Teens' social lives revolve around dating, even in high school. To live our best life, we must work hard to find a relationship.

A Universal Constant

Not everyone wants romance. Many people are happy being single and prefer deep platonic relationships to romantic ones.

Everybody Is Different

Aries are determined and passionate. They like to take charge and fight back. They're willing to die on whatever hill they've planted their flag.


They want to slow down. They want to enjoy their deeper relationships, but they're embarrassed. They're insecure and don't want that kind of love. They're supposed to be free, focused, and untied.

Putting On The Brakes

Sagittarius not romantic. Rarely. If they find the right person, Sagittarius can open up.


Capricorns are rational, not emotional. They tell themselves that anyway. Capricorns let their emotions get the better of them just like everyone else, but they tell themselves it was well thought out and perfectly calculated to maintain their logical mind. Capricorn, feeling something isn't bad.


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