Things women secretly do
 (but never admit to)


Even though many deny it, women fart. They fart, but not as much as men.


First, we're talking about legal "stalking"—looking up an ex or that cute guy from work.

Infrequently wash their bras

Many bras need handwashing. However, not washing them regularly reduces their lifespan and women's hygiene.

Don’t wash their hair daily

Most men shampoo in the shower. Some women don't. It doesn't strip hair of essential oils, so it's not dirty.

Look in the mirror…and feel fat

We know that many women struggle with body image and feel pressure to be the "right size." A study found body dysmorphia in healthy-weight women.

Pee in the shower

To be fair, men and women do it. Peeing standing can affect women's pelvic floor function.

Use toilet paper as makeshift tampons

When a woman's period unexpectedly arrives, desperate measures may include what's available. Toilet paper.

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