These Are the 25 Worst Beers in the World

Budweiser Select, Anheuser-Busch—4.30 % ABV

Most reviewers like this beer. Writing, "Noble hops and caramel scent this one. Toasty pilsner malt flavour. Watery but flavorful." One says, "Good beer. "Awful" isn't accurate or appropriate. This beer is light, crisp, sessionable, and good with friends and family."

Keystone Ice, Molson Coors Canada—5.5% ABV

Keystone Ice is brewed below freezing for a smooth taste and higher alcohol content. College students and young drinkers like it. In 2021, Molson-Coors discontinued it. However, many won't miss it.

Sleeman Clear, Sleeman Breweries Ltd.—4.00% ABV

Sleeman Clear, a Canadian low-carb beer, is one of the worst beers in the world. This beer is bland but inoffensive. This review describes this beer well: "There's nothing wrong, just nothing. Tastes like lager-infused water."

Red Dog, Miller Brewing Co.—4.80% ABV

Red Dog seems to be another cheap beer that college students try out. It's cheap and "beer-like," but reviews aren't positive.

Coors Light, Coors Brewing Company (Molson-Coors)—4.20% ABV

This beer is self-explanatory. Reviews show that this ubiquitous light beer is not expected to deliver a craft beer experience. "Clear yellow with lots of carbonation and a thin white head from a bottle. Corn-scented. Malty with a metallic hop finish

O'Doul's – Anheuser-Busch – 0.05% ABV

The first non-alcoholic beer was O'Doul's. (Beer under 0.50% alcohol is non-alcoholic). It gets mixed reviews. Basically, it is. If you want a better taste, there are now many non-alcoholic beers.

Keystone Lager, Molson Coors Canada—4.90% ABV

One said, "The entire brew tastes metallic and hard water. But all the flavours are subdued. Sweet corn and straw—it. that's Wish I could say more. There's nothing offensive, but there's so little."

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