These Active Dogs Need Room To Run

Grey Ghost

Weimaraners need exercise for physical and mental health. Due to separation anxiety, this breed shouldn't be left alone. They also howl and bark like no other.

Small But Mighty

Chihuahuas, Mexico's national symbol, are the smallest and most energetic dog breed. Due to their size, they don't need much space, but going outside helps them burn off energy.

Jam Packed Energy

Dachshunds are deceptively small. This energetic small dog breed isn't built for long-distance exercise. Dachshunds, bred to hunt, are brave and stubborn. Exercising builds muscle and supports their unique back. If they can't exercise, these cute dogs can become aggressive.

Strictly Cattle Dogs

Athletic Australian Cattle Dogs were bred to herd. This breed loves to run and play outdoors. Australian Cattle Dogs' hunting, chasing, and livestock-moving skills benefit farmers. The American Kennel Club found that this breed enjoys working and playing with their owners.

Needs Acres Of Land

Border Collies require active owners. One of the smartest dog breeds needs constant stimulation. Border Collies love puzzle toys and running outside. The American Kennel Club says this breed thrives when given a task to complete while exercising.

Don't Let The Blue Tongue Fool You

Chow Chows are small but strong. They're easy to train, but early socialisation prevents aggression. Chow Chows love walks and playing outside. Their thick fur makes them uncomfortable in hot weather.

Bernese Mountain Dogs Can Weather Storms

Intelligent and calm Bernese Mountain Dogs. They were bred to work on Swiss farms and pastures and have a tri-colored coat to withstand harsh weather. These dogs are friendly but often bond with one person.

Irish Wolfhounds Are Tallest Dogs.

Irish Wolfhounds are tall—males average three feet and 180 pounds. Their thick, coarse fur can withstand the elements. Irish Wolfhounds need regular exercise to stay healthy, according to the American Kennel Club.

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