These 6 Pizza Chains Will Open Hundreds of Locations This Year

If you're craving pizza, there may be a fast-growing pizza chain nearby. Over the last century, this Italian import has become one of the most beloved meals for most, and while Domino's Meat Lover's pizza is far from its Naples-style ancestor (you can't even find the brand in Italy anymore), one thing remains clear: people love pizza.


If you're craving nostalgia, Sbarro, your favourite shopping mall pizza, is expanding. Travel plazas and gas stations are the pizza chain's new target for grab-and-go.

Papa John's

Papa John's plans to open thousands of new locations by 2025, so save room for those pepperoncini.


Domino's will expand franchises in 2023 despite price hikes and customer complaints. Domino's CFO Sandeep Reddy told investors in October 2022 that franchisee demand was strong. That's why we're confident we'll reach 8,000-plus.

Marco's Pizza

You'll soon know this pizza chain. The fast-growing pizza chain with a cult following uses fresh dough and sauce daily. Marco's Pizza may add 500 units in 2023, bringing its franchise total to 1,500. 33 states have the carry-out and delivery pizza brand.

Pizza Hut

If you want a personal pan pizza, a new Pizza Hut may open nearby. Yum! Brands, a fast-food leader, announced in December 2022 that it would add 100,000 restaurants worldwide. Fans of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut are included. Yum! The pizza company's first expansion since 2014 has Brands CEOs optimistic.

Little Caesars

More "Pizza Pizza" is coming. The pizza chain, which has 4,000 U.S. locations, is expanding in 2023. The brand is targeting Boston, Washington, D.C., the Pacific Northwest, Denver, Florida, and North Carolina.

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