The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Stand You Up

First date jitters or plans they wish they could cancel are common. But how one handles these sticky situations can vary greatly depending on their astrological sign. Some people face challenges head-on, while others always have an excuse and are willing to bail out. It's annoying to be stood up, but some signs don't mind. Read on to discover the zodiac signs most likely to ditch you, from a little unreliable to extremely unreliable.

6 Aquarius

Aquarius is independent and won't conform. They're free-spirited and rebellious. and avoid too much commitment. They may cancel plans or ghost after a few dates without explanation.

5 Cancer

Cancers can struggle to set boundaries because they're sensitive. They're easily influenced by others because the Moon controls their moods. They may cancel plans to avoid conflict or protect their emotional well-being.

4 Sagittarius

Sagittarius likes to try new things and meet new people. Because of their need to be busy, they may not show up. They may forget plans because they're working on multiple projects, travelling, or making new friends. As a fire sign, they can act rashly without considering the consequences or others' feelings.

3 Taurus

Taurus are usually trustworthy. However, Venus, the planet of luxury and pleasure, rules Taureans, who value their own comfort above all else.

2 Leo

Leos are fire signs like Sagittarius and don't like to stay put. Leos are self-assured, dramatic, and selfish. "When a new opportunity comes along and they're willing to ditch a date or friends to take it, you may see some of their inconsiderate tendencies." They never stick to one thing, but they never give a reason, leaving the other person wondering.


Geminis like to experiment and change their minds. So if you make a plan with a gemini, you may want a backup. Commitment, especially to appointments and obligations, can be difficult for them.

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