The Zodiac Sign Most Likely To Obsess Over Their Ex, According to Astrologers

Have you ever broken up with someone who wouldn't let go of the relationship for good? Or maybe you spend a little too much time on the Facebook page of your ex-lover.

It's never easy to let go of someone you love, especially if you didn't want the relationship to end, but some people may find it harder than others. Maybe it has something to do with the stars.

Taureans are very loyal by nature, which makes them even more curious about what their ex-partners are doing, whether they broke up a month ago or five years ago. This earth sign tends to keep track of past lovers, whether they were their first love or just a casual fling. They do this more out of nostalgia than anything else.


Virgos are known for being insecure and anxious, and when something bad happens to them, like a breakup, they will beat themselves up. Virgos are so hard on themselves, which is almost the opposite of Taureans, that they see a breakup as a bad sign about themselves.


This sign is smart and creative, and it is also spiritual. They often believe in things like soulmates and fate, so when a relationship doesn't go the way they planned, they can become a bit obsessed.


Leos like to be the centre of attention, and they love getting what they want right away. When they break up with someone, they often look at their ex's social media accounts to see if they really came out on top.


Pisces are hopeless romantics who fall hard for anyone who shows them love and kindness. They are one of the most emotional and sensitive signs of the zodiac, which makes it hard for them to move on when they should. When a relationship ends, this water sign usually keeps an eye on the person they used to be with in case they can win them back someday.


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