The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Divorce

Marriage is hard work, and not everyone can deal with the stress. There are many things that can cause a couple to decide to end their marriage, such as cheating, fighting about money, or just falling out of love. No marriage is guaranteed to last forever. Your zodiac sign is one of the many things that play a role. 

Yes, you can learn a lot from the stars about how likely it is that your marriage will last. And some signs aren't meant to stay with one person for the rest of their lives.

They never get old. Aries wants a deep emotional and physical connection with their partner, and anything that could hurt their pride could get in the way. If they don't think their partner appreciates all the romantic things they do for them, it could cause them to look elsewhere.


This air sign is friendly and outgoing, so it's easy to see why it's so easy for them to meet new people. Geminis are the chameleons of the zodiac because they can get along with anyone. This means it's very important for them to feel like their partner is their best friend and lover.


Pisces is without a doubt one of the most romantic zodiac signs. They know that being vulnerable and talking to each other are important for a relationship to work, and this dreamy water sign is the most loyal when they feel like their partner understands them.


Sagittarius is along for the ride because life is one big adventure. These outgoing fire signs are naturally flirty and charming, which makes them very popular among singles. But their need to move around all the time can make it hard for them to stay in one place.


As the sign of the rebel, Aquarius hates being tied down more than anything else. Aquarius are the least likely to get married in the first place because they are so independent. These free-spirited air signs like relationships with no strings attached. For example, traditional marriage and monogamy don't work well with an Aquarius' unconventional lifestyle.


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