this the way to protect  Apple iPhone Notes

Personal data security is crucial in the digital age. The Notes app is one of the best iPhone hacks for convenience and productivity. 

. It's convenient for writing to-do lists, contact info, shopping lists, and more on your iPhone. Many store passwords and personal thoughts on it.

Go to "Notes" in Settings on your phone.

Tap on “Notes” and then tap on “Password.”

To change passwords, tap "Use iPhone Passcode" when prompted. iCloud Keychain may be required. If prompted, go to Settings > [Your Name/Profile] > iCloud > Passwords and Keychain.

Your iPhone's passcode or a note password can now unlock your notes. Biometric authentication can lock your notes if your device has Touch ID or Face ID.

After setting your password and biometric authentication preferences, open the Notes app and select the note to lock.

Tap the circle with three dots in the upper right corner and then "Lock." Lock the note with your password or biometrics.

Lock the note with the correct password or biometric information. After that, use your passcode or Face ID/Touch ID to view the note.

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