The Most Charitable Zodiac Sign

Some people volunteer whenever possible. They love helping the community. They're dedicated and passionate. These people always give, and their horoscope may explain why. Discover the most charitable zodiac sign from a little to a lot.


Libras seek justice for all. As a cardinal sign, they thrive on leadership and starting new projects, and they'll give until they can't.

5 Pisces

Pisces naturally care for others, so they're charitable. Clare says they're compassionate and put themselves in others' shoes. . Since Neptune rules creativity and imagination, these people are always looking for new ways to help others. They want to give the needy some magic.

4 Sagittarius

. They're open-minded and eager to teach. Loftis calls them big-thinking public-spirited people.

3 Cancer

Cancer, like Pisces, naturally helps others. These water signs will help strangers. They donate food or time to the animal shelter.

2 Virgo

Service-oriented Virgo sees the problem and offers help. These earth signs love helping others and will volunteer for any charitable cause. They are altruistic but need constant attention.

1 Aquarius

. Clare says their ruling planet, Uranus, the planet of revolution, freedom, and humanitarianism, gives them a knack for shaking things up and advocating for social justice. "They're persistent, unwavering, and stick to their principles no matter what," as a fixed sign.

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