Aries Parenting: An Astrologer's Guide

Aries children (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, or Venus) are energetic but restless. They need to be busy because they have more energy than other kids, are brave, and love life, adventure, and fun. They're eager to learn and experiment. .

Aries kids are self-centered and sometimes selfish. Impulsive Aries kids act without thinking. They are more spirited than other kids and often break rules set by parents, teachers, and others.

Aries kids also throw tantrums. . They may throw a tantrum quickly, but it doesn't last long. It starts and ends like a summer storm.

Aries kids are ambitious and stubborn once they make a decision. They may only trust their own opinion, making them difficult to deal with. However, these children are generous, eager, quick, bright, and loving.

"The negative side of Aries, which is often portrayed in children, is that they are very aggressive; they make a lot of noise and they don't have any patience," says Personal and Family Astrologer and TikTok creator Lorena Mitoi. You'll be exhausted chasing them around the block as a parent who hasn't slept in a while.

Due to their traits, Aries children can be difficult to raise, but if guided properly, they can succeed in life.

"I recommend giving them physical activities and questions with quick responses," You can say "quickly! let's rush to the bedroom" if they're whining and aggressive. You can give them mental problems to solve quickly or ask them to literally shake the energy off.”

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