Tattoo You Should Get, according to  Your Zodiac Sign

To show you're not afraid to take risks, you may want a big, bold tattoo on a prominent part of your body, like an illustrative or colourful full-arm sleeve. If you want an inspirational tattoo, get an anatomical heart (quite literally, in this case).

Aries: Heart Tattoo

Taurus: Floral Tattoo

Taurus, you don't get tattoos without planning. Despite your stubbornness, you're a romantic. You're a sensual and sweet Venusian who prefers a simple, elegant tattoo.

Gemini: Bird Tattoo

Birds, feathers, clouds, or even a honey bee can symbolise your need to be free and reach new heights. Since you change your mind often, choose a body part you can easily cover up.

Cancer: Celestial Tattoo

Cancer is a crab, but there are other ways to celebrate your sign. You're moody, but you're also fiercely protective and passionate.

Leo: Sun Tattoo

Tattooing isn't subtle. As the most extroverted zodiac sign, your swagger attracts attention. A bold lion with a golden mane is the most obvious zodiac tattoo. If you want something more creative, get a Sun tattoo.

Virgo: Quote Tattoo

Choosing a style can be overwhelming. That's why you'll choose a timeless and sentimental quote from your favourite book, poem, or movie. Mercury rules communication and writing, after all. These delicate designs can be worn anywhere on the body, making them visible or hidden.

Libra: Butterfly Tattoo

You want creative tattoos, not trendy ones. Venus, the planet of romance and aesthetics, rules your sign, so everything should be beautiful and balanced.

Scorpio: Black-and-Gray Tattoo

Water signs often get meaningful tattoos but don't tell others what they mean. Sometimes it's fun to embrace your moodiness and mystery. Blackwork tattoos' deep black and grey colours are sure to please. If you're feeling sultry, why not get your tattoo on your thigh or hip?

Sagittarius: Travel-Inspired Tattoo

Sagittarius' courage, spontaneity, and independence are justified. As a mutable fire sign, you follow your passions on a whim to see and do as much as possible.

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