Pizza Hut's "Big New Yorker" Beat Authentic NYC Slices.

Pizza's regional variations can divide the nation. New York City's thin-crust pizza is said to be the best in the nation. When Pizza Hut reintroduced its Big New Yorker Pizza, I had to see if it could match the real thing.

The Big New Yorker Pizza, introduced in 1999, was popular but short-lived. Customers have petitioned and Reddit for its return for over a decade. Could it beat two real New York City slices?

Joe's Pizza and a local $1 slice were compared to Pizza Hut's The Big New York. To remain impartial, I chose two New York-style pizza shops I had never tried. I rated each slice on presentation, taste, and price. From worst to best:

Manhattan has hundreds of $1 slice pizza shops. Locals and tourists looking for a cheap, jumbo slice of authentic NY-style pizza frequent them. I bought a $2 pepperoni slice to compare it to the other two pizzas in this taste test (due to the additional topping).

New York $1 Slice

This slice of pizza looks like what you pay for. The pepperoni slices were huge, which I love, but they didn't look right. They weren't crisp after baking. The crust was too thin and burned at the top. As I took a picture, bubbly cheese made my mouth water.

Taste: I've had some great $1 pepperoni pizza slices, but I wouldn't go back to this pizza shop. Pepperoni slices tasted as unappealing as they looked. They were dry and rubbery.

Cheese outnumbered sauce nearly 2:1. The pizza crust was too doughy and tasted like paper underneath. This pizza might be good after a few drinks for a carb fix.

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