Perfume To Wear For Every Zodiac Sign


Fire. Ram-born people are bold. It matches Aries' excitement. Relaxing? Ram, try lavender perfume. It'll reduce impatience.


Nice. You're elegant and charming. Try Heliotrope, a vanilla-almond perfume. Relax—it doesn't smell like food. Elevated earthy scent. Grounding scent.


Double darling. Try Lilly of the Valley perfume. Its sparkly side will revive your youth. Wait. This scent is like you but different. Lilly of the Valley poisons. Stunning.


Our homebody sign. You like home and safety. After sharing your energy with others all day, you want to relax at home. Burn palo santo. South American trees produce it, which can eliminate negativity.


Lion baby, hello. You're sun-ruled. To get through the day, spray a citrus-scented perfume. Tropical scents are bold and bright like you. You like standing out. Try orange or grapefruit scents.


Practical goddess. You're smart and won't deviate from your plans. Try pine perfume. It's simple and clean like your home.


My love, you love. You're a romantic and can't get enough. You're rose-scented and red. Nothing is more romantic. If roses are too strong, try another flower.


Lovely divas. You like jasmine. It smells mysterious and powerful. You're mysterious and powerful, dear. Be wary. You may panic.

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