Perfect Guy For You  According To Your Zodiac Sign


Your perfect guy understands you have so much love to give and gives back. He should also love you completely. He loves your quirks, loves competing with you, and never rolls his eyes when you're being yourself.


Taurus, your ideal partner will spend time getting to know you before moving forward. Your ideal guy is patient and doesn't rush things.


He's worth keeping when he can be best friends with your family and make you feel special. Your ideal man gives you butterflies and heart palpitations daily.


Cancer, you need a guy who understands you and doesn't judge you for needing him. There will always be days when you feel low and want to be needy without going overboard.


Leo, your ideal man is confident in everything he does, including his relationship. You don't need someone who doubts your love or thinks you're not as into him as he is. Your perfect guy knows you're confident in your relationship. You need someone to defend the important things—including you.


Virgo, your ideal man is loyal. If your guy is there when you need him, you're happy. Because he needs you, your perfect guy won't leave when things get tough. The right guy will love your vulnerable heart.


Libra, your ideal guy, sees a future with you. He doesn't have to talk about marriage and kids on the first date, but he should see your relationship as a long-term one.


Your relationship's memories are more important than its gifts, photos, and material goods. When you find your perfect guy, your memories will be your most precious.


Sagittarius, your ideal man is childlike. He loves road trips and tickle fights. Because he wants to hear your voice, he'll always answer his phone.


He loves you unconditionally because he knows you only have these walls up to protect your heart. He will protect you when you can let down your walls.

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