Netflix Movies by Zodiac Sign

Good Time

You're impulsive and driven, but you often regret your actions. Good Time, the ultimate Aries film. Robert Pattinson plays New York lowlife Connie Nikas, whose big-money bank robbery plan fails. Nikas runs around the city for the rest of the film, making many Aries-style leap-before-you-look decisions.


Taurus, a beautiful, sensual, moving love-and-loss film suits your often-ignored emotional side. Live-in maid Cleo navigates political and personal upheaval with Taurean stubbornness and loyalty, and the movie centres her. Fixed signs are consistent and excellent, making you feel especially seen.


This movie perfectly illustrates how misunderstood Geminis are multi-faced. Dom, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, perfectly captures the air sign: the brilliant dream-builder has a crazy idea to plant an idea into a corporate CEO—the inception. Geminis love puzzles.

Legally Blonde

Watery Cancer is compassionate, loyal, and emotional. Cancer, family is everything. Elle Woods is the ideal Cancerian heroine: sweet, protective, and smarter than you think. She fits in well in sororities and Harvard law classes thanks to her Cancer-like intuition and responsiveness.


Leos centre everything. Will, aka Dumplin', discovers that she and her pageant-winning mom (Jennifer Aniston) are both high-spirited Leos. Will blossoms when she registers for a pageant in defiance of her mother and doesn't apologise. She must balance her fire-sign impulses with fatphobia, a budding romance, and personal growth. Leo-style, she shines.

About Time

A romantic movie about perfecting something over and over? Virgo movie. Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) learns from his father that all the men in his family can time-travel and only uses it to improve his love life, typical of your sign's seriousness. Tim's patience, careful observation, and passionate pursuit of love and happiness will warm your Virgo heart.


A military commander has a secret weapon—a poor doppelgänger terrified of being pushed back into darkness—in a kingdom ruled by a decadent young ruler. Libra's cautious diplomacy and backdoor solutions will please you. You'll love the film's beautiful choreography and set pieces if you love beauty.

Marriage Story

Scorpio, your psychic, emotional energy attracts raw, overwhelming movies. This movie about two Scorpios—creative, passionate, emotional, seeking fulfilment and understanding—divorcing to live better lives is perfect for you. You'll feel their pain as they break up.

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