My dog eats fast—why?

My eats fast—why? There is usually a reason why your dog eats so fast, devouring food in seconds and chewing through the longest-lasting dog chews in record time. While there are several reasons why your dog eats too fast and ways to fix it, it's important to remember that fast eaters can develop serious health issues.

1) Competition 

Competition causes most. Dogs think eating fast is survival. If they were fed as a group in the litter, housed in establishments with multiple dogs, or other family dogs try to steal their food, they want to eat it quickly to avoid missing out. Your dog's anxiety can be triggered by household humans and cats at mealtimes.

2) Misfeeding

Due to the uncertainty of when their next meal is coming, dogs fed at random times eat as much as they can as fast as they can. This is why mistreated dogs may have been underfed.

3) Underlying illness 

Diabetes, Cushing's Disease, and parasites can increase your dog's appetite.

4) Medications 

Some medications like steroids cause an increase in appetite meaning your dog has a more vivacious appetite. 

Poor food

Low-quality diets may not give your dog enough nutrients. Thus, the body naturally makes the dog hungry to eat more nutrients.

Insufficient food

Underfeeding. By guessing your dog's weight and food amount instead of weighing it, this can happen unintentionally.

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