My cat's breed? Identifying any breed

What breed is my cat? If you got your cat from a breeder as a kitten, you probably know its breed. If your cat had kittens, you know their parentage!

What if your cat was rescued or stray? Will you never know their breed? Can you tell which breeds are in a mixed breed? Find your cat's breed with these methods.

Coat color and pattern 

Breeds' coats vary. Bengals are marbled or spotted. Siamese, Exotic Shorthairs, Ragdolls, and British Shorthairs are color-pointed. Their paws, face, ears, and tail are different colours. Their points are grey, brown, red, or lilac.


Norwegian Forest Cats and Maine Coons are large cat breeds. Siamese cats have lean, muscular bodies, angular faces, dark brown points, and large ears. A Maine Coon is a large cat with a long coat, square jaw, and large ears with little tufts of hair.

Mixed breeds 

Expect a mixed breed to resemble its parents. Kittens may not resemble their parents. It's common to have a litter with no identical kittens! Thus, appearance alone won't reveal your mixed breed cat's breeds.

Breed clues from your cat’s behavior 

Although cats have different personalities, it's not a reliable way to determine their breed. However, certain traits and personalities may favour a breed.


Try an app to identify your cat's breed. Cat breed identification apps are available. Pedigree cats are easier to identify. They can also suggest breeds for your mixed-breed cat.

Online quizzes 

Cat breed quizzes are available online. These are only good at identifying purebred cats. Most are for fun, not reliability.

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