Most Supportive Friend Zodiac Sign

When times are tough, it's important to have people you can count on. Generosity, compassion, understanding, and patience define a supportive friend. They'll drop everything to help. Naturally, not everyone is like that.

Scorpio is a private sign. Under their cool exterior, this water sign is soft. Scorpios are loyal and loving once they trust you. Scorpios are good at listening and keeping secrets, and they'll defend a friend when they're away.


Capricorns plan and act. They always consider others and weigh all their options before making a decision. They are great companions in hard times. Capricorns will support you and help you solve problems.


Librans are fair and balanced. Libras examine a situation from all angles, unlike other signs. They're great at giving advice and finding long-term solutions. Libra is best at creating a safe space for friends to open up.


Leos are big-hearted and big-personality. This brave sign will defend a loved one. Leos want deep devotion, individualised attention, and unwavering loyalty in relationships, and they give it to their friends and family. When you're down, they'll be the first to cheer you up with their charisma and generosity.


Tauruses are patient and loyal. Taurus' faithfulness is unmatched. They'll keep their word. Taurus wants stability and fairness and will help their friends and family feel comfortable. Tauruses will support you through any personal struggle.


Cancer, the most loving sign, has the biggest heart. Cancer will bring tissues and your favourite snacks to your house when you need someone to talk to. They'll put aside their own problems to make sure you're comfortable sharing your thoughts without judgement.


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