Most billionaires come from this zodiac sign.

Zodiac signs are best since crystal balls don't exist. Believers say the stars can predict everything from your most attractive trait to how your zodiac sign affects your health. New data suggests they may even predict our billionaire status.

Libras, rejoice. The UK Domain, an educational resource that provides digital and business expertise to individuals and small businesses, found that the Forbes Billionaire list's top 250 billionaires had more Libras than any other sign.

27 Libras were billionaires. Cancer, Taurus, and Leo tied with 20 billionaires, followed by Pisces with 22. Capricorn and Sagittarius were last with 8 billionaires each. 

Libra: 27
Pisces: 22
Cancer: 20
Taurus: 20

Leo: 20
Scorpio: 16
Gemini: 15
Aries: 15

Aquarius: 12
Virgo: 11
Sagittarius: 8
Capricorn: 8

Alice Walton, the world's wealthiest woman and 17th richest billionaire, was a Libra. Sam Walton's daughter.

Beate Heister, daughter of Aldi founder Karl Albrecht, was also selected. Jeff Bezos is the world's richest billionaire again. Capricorn, not Libra.

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