Most and least divorce-prone zodiac signs

Despite our scepticism of astrology, we can't help but examine each sign's traits and quirks, especially when it comes to partners and potential love interests. While walking down the aisle, you probably don't think about divorce, but some signs are more likely to stay together.

Aquariuses are the least likely to marry. They'll break up because they want independence. When a situation limits them, they may leave. If they're in, they're dedicated partners.


Sagittarius prefer casual relationships because they like to change their minds.Sagittarius dislike routines. They love adventure and seeking new experiences.


Pisces are empathic and want deep connections with their partners. Pisces are too sensitive and emotional when handling conflicts. Thus, they may embrace their tendency to flee and leave the marriage.


Geminis are social butterflies and quick-witted. If bored, they need stimulation and flexibility, which can cause problems. Geminis are more likely to divorce than stay in a boring marriage due to their desire for new things.


Aries are passionate and independent fire signs who crave relationship fire. Aries need someone who won't hold them back, so if the passion is gone, they'll move on.


Leos are strong, independent leaders who love the spotlight. They want fun and self-expression Leos usually leave when things get too serious, dim their light, or stop being fun.


Tauruses' practicality and loyalty affect their relationships. They're charming and laid-back, but stubborn. They'll fight for a partner despite their cold exterior. If their beliefs change, they may need to split.


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