Meet Zodiac Signs Most Destined for Fame and Fortune

Do you think your birthday gives you an advantage? The world's wealthiest zodiac signs have been revealed, whether you believe in astrology or not. Forbes' list of this year's billionaires shows patterns.

Merchant Cash Advance experts examined Forbes' top 300 billionaires' star signs, net worth, country, and age to determine the richest horoscopes. 32 billionaires whose birth dates were unknown were removed from the data set, leaving 268.

Forbes Rich List Results

The Scales sign represents balanced, charming, and likeable people. Libras can play both sides, so convincing investors to fund their ideas should be easy. Libras are impressionable and easily influenced, but they also love to collaborate, so perhaps the key to success is staying open to outside ideas and working well with others.


Pisces are dreamers and visionaries. Pisces, the 12th and final sign on the zodiac karmic wheel, is known for creativity and imagination. Pisces is the oldest and wisest. Pisceans can lack boundaries and be codependent or passive.


The Bull is reliable, hardworking, and stubborn. Tauruses are also very materialistic and money-motivated—not out of greed, but because they enjoy their comforts. Money helps Tauruses live a luxurious life with good food, drink, and amenities.


Leos rival Libras in charm (literally, in this case). Sun-ruled Lions have bold, bright personalities. Leos are confident, natural leaders who love the spotlight, making them great entertainers.


Sea Goats work hard and are money-oriented, but as they get older, they become less ambitious. They're serious and not always the life of the party, but charm helps billionaires become billionaires, according to the data.


Scorpions prefer behind-the-scenes power without the glitz and limelight, which is surprising given their cunning and manipulation skills.


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