meet The Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs 

They lie to manipulate others, claiming it's for the greater good and there's no other choice. They may say they'll do something but won't or say a situation is dire when it's not.


You may lose them if you don't comply. Like emotional abuse and bullying. Scorpio may reveal your secrets if you break up.


Capricorn uses their expertise to influence others. Capricorn can manipulate others by making them feel stupid and needing help. Capricorn weakens and manipulates people by making them feel weak and unable to say no to them.


Leos are confident, but their egos can cause harm. Leo will spin a win for them and a loss for someone else as a win-win.

4. Leo

They didn't cause the incident or upset. Pisces was thinking and doing their thing. Pisces' creativity and uniqueness can make them seem like they don't need to be accountable.


Libras manipulate by pretending to be unable to do something. Libra may use charm and flirtation to improve results.


They're there one minute and silent the next. After a while, Aquarius has you when you're desperate and offering anything to get them back. You may not realise you're manipulated.


Virgo expresses their desires indirectly. They hint and make passive-aggressive suggestions to make others think they came up with the idea on their own without Virgo's help.


Sagittarius will shower you with thoughtfulness to get what they want. Kindness requires no payment, but niceness does.


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