Everything suggests that we live in a magical world Pisces I met outside an Ayahuasca retreat and we believe in

we claims that magic is alive at the cellular level and accessible to all, though some signs are more open to it. Signs' elemental forms reveal their different magics.

Cancer moves with the Moon and is ruled by Chanrama. Moon magic – rituals and spells based on the lunar cycle – has been practiced across cultures and throughout history. Cancer rules the fourth house of origin and progeny.


Cancer, the most sensitive sign, is intuitive and absorbent. As my crab friend explained, intense sensitivity is a source of pain but also beauty, emotion, and exuberant magic. Too.


Merlin, bearded and hooded, holds the light of possibility and consciousness in this card. Magical and resembling a Led Zeppelin album cover. The Magician card represents Mercury, Virgo's ruler.


Virgo, a mutable earth sign, connects the material and immaterial worlds and plants the seed for magic. Virgos' only weakness is self-doubt.


Natives believe in magic because they sense and believe in the unseen. This sign straddles existence and eternity, form and dissolution. They ride that line and add some surrealism to everything they do. Long periods with them can be a dizzying, whimsical trip down the rabbit hole.


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