meet The Most Intellectual Zodiac Sign

Intelligence is obvious. Whether they're in a library, art gallery, or office break room, they're immediately curious. They read or work on complicated projects in their free time. They're smart.


Libra, ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and luxury, is not known for its intelligence. Experts say scales are great at networking and communication.


Taurus, the Bull, is the smartest sign and can survive without help. "Earth signs have good common sense and excel in math, geography, art, and business."


Mercury rules Gemini. "They're smart because they're thoughtful and communicative," Geminis' adaptable and alert personalities help them experiment and learn.


Traditional intellectual Capricorn "Capricorns are strategic geniuses who research and study what they need to know for their goals. This sign represents a goat climbing the mountain of opportunity, taking classes and even getting degrees to improve its intellect."


Thinking Mercury rules Virgo. ""These individuals are very analytical and logical as well as practical in their approach to life in general as well as in work and business." Virgos strive for perfection, dedication, and busyness.


Aquarians are considered the smartest and most creative zodiac sign. "This sign's people naturally process information and see the world differently. "They are sharp-witted and rarely outsmart in a conversation or debate."

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