The Most Inconsiderate Zodiac Sign

Some people are considerate, while others aren't. Thoughtlessness may not always be intentional, some people seem self-centered. They'll answer their phone while watching a movie and talk over you. Astrology may contribute to rudeness in some people.


Aquarians contemplate. They're always thinking of something, even if it's crazy. They're inconsiderate when they're trying to get things done.


Leos love attention because they're sun-ruled. Their ego comes first, so they can forget about others. They're arrogant and self-centered.


Practical Virgos are grounded. They'll tell you if they were right and you were wrong because they love achieving their goals. Earth signs are perfectionists, so Schmidt says they can be aloof and manipulative.


Pisces are sensitive and want others to always consider their needs, but they may not reciprocate. They often feel the need to protect themselves which can make them appear selfish or careless." They prefer to stay in their own little world.


Tauruses are stubborn and inconsiderate. Loftis tells Best Life that they may not realise they're dismissing people.


The zodiac's first sign, Aries, is a fire sign. Which makes them dominant and want control. These people love being first and right, which makes them the most inconsiderate zodiac sign. 

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