meet most High Maintenance  zodiac

Have you ever been in such a relationship and if he ignores you, it means that he is branded and spends more.

Your horoscope may explain why many people get irritated when their needs aren't met. Astrologers say these six signs are the most demanding and inflexible.


Scorpio women are "fiercely independent and driven" and demanding. Scorpios are stubborn, so their wants and needs are inflexible."


"They want a partner with the same drive and ambition. They prioritise money and success and won't stop until they and their partner succeed." Having a Capricorn boss is frustrating, but dating one is exhausting.


Lovely Leos lead corporate meetings and party karaoke with confidence. However, their attention needs can be overwhelming.


Tauruses are "obsessed [with] all things luxury." only feel worthy in the best clothes. Thus, Taurus' demands will challenge friends, family, and potential partners.


Zodiac perfectionists want everything to go their way, from having the perfect party outfit to their partner impressing their parents when they first meet. The second-most high-maintenance earth sign is this one.


"They are possessive, insecure, and too sensitive." Their partner's late response can upset them. Cancer gets upset even if they know their partner is working."

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