Marijuana's Unexpected Side Effects: Depression

21 states have legalised recreational marijuana, but lawmakers and health experts worry the rules are loosening faster than safety research. Cannabis is still federally illegal, making it difficult to study its risks and side effects. However, some politicians believe legalisation is the only way to regulate marijuana sales and protect children.

I want to keep this out of the hands of young people, which is why I fought so hard to legalise, regulate, and tax. "It harms the developing mind,. Consumers need to know how much THC is in the products they are consuming, unlike the unregulated market we currently face, which makes it nearly impossible to know."

The Dangers Of Edibles

Canadian provinces with edible sales had more paediatric poisonings than those without. Despite child-resistant packaging. cannabis in candy or chocolate will increase poisonings. Do regulators need this product form? Can adults buy legal cannabis that doesn't appeal to kids?"

Cannabis-Related Anxiety

Marijuana can cause anxiety, but small doses reduce it. "All else being equal,  THC (7.5 mg) reduced task-related negative emotions and post-task stressor assessments. A higher dose of THC (12.5 mg) increased anxiety, negative mood, and subjective distress before and during the psychosocial stress task.

Marijuana-Related Brain Development

Teen marijuana use may harm brain development, according to research. "Marijuana has over 500 chemicals, but delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main. "A marijuana product's potency or high depends on its THC content." Adolescent and young adult marijuana use can disrupt brain development, affecting learning, memory, coordination, reaction time, and judgement.

Marijuana Traffic Accidents

A 2022 study found traffic accidents increased in marijuana-legalized states. Marijuana, like alcohol and most other drugs, alters mood and behaviour. Drugs do that. That affects driving. "We need to realise that driving after using marijuana is a bad idea

Marijuana Traffic Accidents

Marijuana legalisation is becoming more costly. However, marijuana legalisation is new, so these early trends may change.

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