Kitchen sponges can revive houseplants.

Houseplants can be difficult to maintain for non-green thumbs. Even experienced gardeners have trouble determining how much water each plant needs. The planter's soil may appear dry but be wet underneath. 

Your lovely pot may not drain well. If one of your plant babies is dying, a kitchen sponge may save it. Experts explain how and why this simple hack works for overwatered or root-rotted houseplants.

Here's how a sponge can help.

Your beloved plant can recover from root rot. A kitchen sponge in the planter can absorb excess moisture. Sponge pores allow air to flow through the soil advises against using a grocery store sponge that's too big for the pot "If the container is too large, the plant's roots may grow around the sponge.

Prep your plants before placing the sponge inside.

Be careful when removing your plant from its container to perform the sponge hack. Huff Post advises turning the plant sideways to gently remove it from the pot. "Hold it gently by the stems or leaves and tap the container bottom until the plant slides out trimming discoloured or rotting roots to reduce root rot. " Rub alcohol on the shears after each cut to prevent rot.

And still be mindful of not overwatering.

it's important to know that it's more about the frequency of watering rather than the amount of water." Watering frequency varies by plant. "Ferns and prayer plants prefer 25–50% soil volume drying out between waterings. Cacti, monstera, and dracaena prefer 75–100% soil volume drying out between waterings."

If all else fails, invest in a moisture meter.

buying a moisture metre "the most reliable watering aid. moisture metre is especially useful for larger house plants in deep pots where it's hard to tell if the soil is still moist or dried out. "When you put the device in the soil, it tells you whether it's

Root rot is a common reason plants die.

Overwatering and waterlogging cause root rot. "This prevents oxygen from reaching the roots and can ultimately cause root rot and other damage, This fungal issue can kill plants if not addressed. If new or old leaves begin dropping from the plant and are the colour of green, brown, or yellow, or the soil has started to smell rotten, there is a good chance the plant has had too much water to drink.

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