How Your Zodiac Sign Handles Life's Lemons


Aries, you've never let others control your life, but you also don't let life happen to you. You enjoy being in charge of your life, even if you "grab life by the horns" more than other zodiac signs.


Taurus, you persevere when others would give up. When life gives you lemons, you think about what you want and pursue it.


Gemini, you want to run your own life, too. If that means being pushy and throwing lemons at people who want to bring you down, then you will.


Cancer, life gives you lemons—make lemonade. There will be times when you want to cry and let the lemons rot until you can't take it anymore, and there will be times when you try to pawn your lemons off on someone else, but you know the only way to handle your problems is to solve them.


Leo, you can handle anything—even lemons. You can make prize-winning lemonade even if life throws mutated lemons at you or throws them at you. It's your blood! But you won't share your secrets.


Unfortunately, Virgo, you don't handle life's lemons well. Why? Lemons? No thanks! I understand—challenges life's are hard.


Libra, "Bring it on" when life gives you lemons. You don't mind a challenge, but you do things your way, which means dressing up and being smart.


Scorpio, life's hard. We all know it. You know that when life hurts, you have to tough it out so you can enjoy life again. You know that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.


Sagittarius, you don't take crap from anyone, especially life's sneaky attempts to make things difficult for you. You want to enjoy life without worries.


Capricorn, no matter how many lemons life gives you, how bitter and sour they are, or how long it takes to make lemonade, you'll handle any problem with dignity and professionalism.

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