how to identify any Zodiac into you

Aries: They initiate.

The zodiac's bold leader. These Mars-ruled people are direct and driven. "Aries is not one to hold back; they go after what they want without hesitation," whether in love or work.

Taurus: show you affection.

Venus, the planet of romance and attraction, rules this earthy sign, explaining their effortless charm and allure. Tauruses are the best at wooing, but they don't "be especially vocal about their affections."

Gemini: They're flirty.

Geminis are known as social butterflies. If they like you, they'll start conversations about "intelligence and conversations" because they're talkative and love meeting new people. "Talkative people feel comfortable expressing themselves."

Cancer: They welcome you.

Cancers are shy when dating, but they're not passive. This water sign is one of the most sensitive and nurturing partners.

Leo: They strive to impress.

Sun-ruled Leos are unshakeable. Their magnetic energy and witty sense of humour attract people everywhere, and they can turn this into flirtatious banter.

Virgo: They feel.

Virgos are reserved, aloof, and shy with their affections. Mercury, the planet of communication, rules them. This sign often befriends their crush before showing interest.

Libra: They flaunt you.

Libras flirt too much—they can't help it! Air signs, ruled by Venus, are charming. You may think they play the field, but their flirting is direct and attentive.

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