February 6, 2023 Zodiac Love Horoscopes

Today, power struggles may require mutual respect and understanding.


It's time to contemplate your life, purpose, and future. Pluto in your solar house of beliefs may make you rethink your relationship.


Something wrong? You may notice a change in your relationship but can't explain it. Secrets are strangely revealed. Gemini, the answers will find you when you're ready.


Relationships can't be rushed. You may feel rushed to commit to a new partner. Today, people want titles and status.


When you have too much to do and not enough time, overwhelming emotions can strike today. Pace yourself and let your partner know if work is affecting your mood or energy.


Today's romance excites you. Your relationship is changing, which may be the fated turn you were hoping for.


Try not to criticise your home, family, or life. Your home is undergoing major changes. Chances may be needed.


Conversations can deepen your understanding and love for each other. To maximise your time together, stay calm and open.


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