February 2023 Zodiac Horoscopes


As you step into your highest truth and new reality, you may accept outgrown social groups and community affairs. If it's not a group of friends, it could be a personal or professional goal.


You're finally free in February, and you don't care what others think. Stepping into your highest self brings you closer to your soul family and your truest sense of belonging in the world. Venus, your planetary ruler, helps you attract opportunity.


Your superpower is duality, but some energies seem out of your control. During February's sun-Uranus square, you may feel torn between freedom and community. The Venus-Mars square suggests work, but don't overthink.


Authenticity and commitment to a community or goal are a fine line. February's sun-Uranus square may cause tension, but it will free you from stagnant structures and beliefs. When Mars squares Venus, you may be torn between privacy and new beginnings.


Throughout February, your desire for authority and rebellion may interfere with your relationships. Your celestial ruler, the sun, will face erratic Uranus in a battle of wills that could disrupt your flow. Finding balance between your personal identity and desires is crucial when making professional or authority decisions.


Freedom and novelty may challenge your daily routine. This divine intervention (sun square Uranus) will align you, so don't be discouraged. February's Mars-Venus square may leave you torn between career logistics and compassion for a significant relationship.


The sun in freedom-loving Aquarius is inspiring you to embrace your inner genius after sudden changes in your intimate relationships and joint ventures. Mars square Venus will clash with your beliefs, but you must honour your divinity.


Structure and traditions are less important now than soul growth. February's spontaneous sun-Uranus square isn't for the faint of heart, but the conflict between your unconventional relationships and your desire for stability will soon be resolved


February's sun-Uranus square may affect your environment due to your erratic daily routine. Mindfulness and communication are the same. You may feel pulled in two directions, so stay grounded.

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