Experts Reveal 6 Bathroom Design Mistakes

Your bathroom can be the most noticeable part of your home. This small, multipurpose room can transform your home into a showpiece for guests or potential buyers. It's not as simple as grabbing a bottle of bleach and wiping things down or buying a set of matching towels

Whether it's decor or renovation, you're probably making a lot of bathroom design mistakes. Interior designers and home experts helped us avoid these mistakes. Read their advice.

You forget to focus on the floors.

People sometimes forget to buy an attractive, easy-to-maintain floor. Heated floors are optional, but many homeowners choose them. To avoid slips, I recommend a matte finish. specifically recommends luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring for its durability in wet rooms and its resemblance to hardwood floors.

You have too little—or too much—light.

In addition to primping and preening, guests stop in the bathroom to fix their hair or check their teeth (we've all been there!). So choose the right lighting. Overlighting is also bad design. Too much light can make it hard to relax in a hot bath or get ready in front of the mirror.

You select the wrong size vanity.

Whether your bathroom is tiny or huge, the vanity should fit. Choose a vanity that fits your bathroom so it doesn't draw attention to wasted space. Don't just choose the largest vanity that fits in the space—leave clearances between the vanity and other fixtures like the toilet "For comfortable clearance, the toilet centre to the vanity side should be 15 inches.

You shy away from color.

White walls are safe, but a closed-off bathroom needs colour. Opendoor found that 77% of homeowners like brightly coloured accent walls in its Jan. 2022 design trends report. For a spa-like bathroom, try a soothing neutral like grey or beige or a seafoam green. Painter's tape, a roller, and a drop cloth make painting a wall or two easy and cheap.

You choose wood-based decor.

Bamboo, jute, and wood are popular bathroom decor choices. Moisture causes warping, cracking, mould, mildew, and bacteria growth in natural materials." Simpson recommends faux wood shutters and blinds "as they can withstand high humidity and water splashing" or quick-drying linen shades for bathroom blinds.

You neglect the little details.

checking vanity and cabinet knobs and handles. "Pre-installed in many homes. No matter how luxurious your bathroom is, plastic and fake crystal cheapen it. I always recommend brushed nickel, brass, or gold knobs/handles to match the bathroom's design style."

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