the cookie you have to eat according to your zodiac sign

Aries: Red Velvet Cookie

You naturally set trends as the zodiac's first sign. Your success looks traditional, but your path was anything but. You're not afraid to fail because you know it takes big risks to win big in life.

Taurus: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Taurus is honest and enjoys simple pleasures. As an earth sign, you prefer simple solutions. You enjoy what you know.

Gemini: M&M Cookie

An M&M cookie is perfect for you because it has as much variety and whimsy as you do. These colourful candy-filled sugar cookies match your vibrant personality.

Cancer: Snickerdoodle

Cancer loves classics. Water signs are sentimental and nostalgic, which affects their taste in everything. You stick to what you like. Cancers rule the home and are nurturing, so your cookie should be soothing and familiar.

Leo: Lemon Drop Cookies

Not you, Leo. You're a fiery sun sign with little subtlety. You like to leave an impression everywhere you go. It's important to show off your great taste, but you can't stand being boring.

Virgo: Sugar Cookie

Virgos need structure. Earth signs like routine and predictability. Style, interior design, and taste are your purities. You appreciate the classics but enjoy splurging occasionally.

Libra: Black and White Cookie

Libra, you're outgoing. You help others and use your network to connect them. As the scales sign, you want balance. Since you're always active, that's difficult. You like having options, which can cause imbalance.

Scorpio: Double-Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie

Scorpio is one of the harder signs to understand because you're usually acting. Water signs are sensitive and live in their heads. Your mysterious energy may seem introverted, but you're not subtle. After opening up to others, you can relax and show your true self.

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