Discover Your Zodiac Sign's Biggest Weakness

Taurus, your slow reactions hold you back

Taurus people crave safety and comfort. They're homebodies and love peace, so they pass up opportunities. Tauruses are slow, but once out, they're unstoppable!

Your inability to relax penalizes you, Gemini

Geminis are busybodies. They have a thousand ideas and want to start new projects, but they never finish anything.

You're a sensitive Sally, Cancer

Cancers tend to live in the past, so hearing "It was better before" is common. Their biggest flaw is their melancholy.

Your arrogance means you lose out, Leo

Royal Leo is often too proud and egotistical! Leo's biggest weakness is their pride, which annoys their loved ones.

You are overly critical, Virgo

Virgos worry the most. These locals fear everything, especially failure and bad luck. Virgos are critical and never satisfied with their work or anyone else's. Fear causes them to miss out.

You are unable to make a decision, Libra

Libras are indecisive and can't make decisions. They overthink their decisions and never make them. Their biggest issue is hesitancy, which irritates friends and family.

You struggle to communicate, Scorpio

Scorpios struggle with inner turmoil. Scorpio's complex personality is their biggest problem.

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