Customers Want 7 Discontinued Costco Food Court Items

Combo Pizza

Since it's a given and fans are relentless, we'll start with this. New Costco members may not remember the Combo Pizza, considered the best food court item ever. The supreme pizza had pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, onions, black olives, and mushrooms. A cheesy crowd favourite.

Beef Chili with Beans

In the Reddit thread, members mentioned other food court items they missed, including the store's $3.99 Beef Chili with Beans. "The chilli," said one user. Probably enough. Another added, "Chili made great chilli dogs. Then ate a half-bowl of onions and cheese!" If Costco brings it back, it sounds like a must-try combination!

Polish Dogs

The Polish Dog follows the Combo Pizza on the food court's most wanted list. Costco used to sell Polish Sausage Hot Dogs alongside its all-beef version. Costco discontinued the Polish version to "simplify our menu and make room for healthier options." Okay Costco, the new Roast Beef Sandwich has almost 800 calories, so we're not sure it's healthy.

Hot Turkey & Provolone Sandwich

Fans want Costco's popular Turkey & Provolone Sandwich back. "I miss turkey sandwiches. They intentionally undercooked them for a year before removing them from the menu. I'd pay inflation to get those back "sharer.

Toppings—Diced Onions

Another common food court complaint is about the menu's beloved add-ons. Many Costco customers like hot dogs and pizza by themselves, but others like to top their food with their favourite condiment—and before the pandemic, there were many great options.

Original Chicken Bakes

Before you panic, Chicken Bakes are still on the food court menu. A recent recipe change has upset customers. Fans say they used pizza dough and caesar dressing. "Since it wasn't frozen, it was juicier and fluffier.

Chicken Caesar Salad

The $3.99 salad was healthier and cheaper than most fast-food salads. This made it a cheap, on-the-go meal for students, busy moms, and others. "My college go-to. I'd buy four and eat all week. Going inside to get bulk isn't worth it to me.

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