clever baby girl name for  Aquarius 


Nova is an adorable name it means new origin it is greek name it suits great for Aquarius baby girls


the meaning of Audrey is “noble strength,” this is known because of his bravery and courage, and this shows the best quality of them


azure is the Spanish name meaning of this name is sky blue in Spanish it indicates the image of a cloudless day. Aquarius is the symbol of water and air and it is the best combination 


muriel is Celtic name the meaning of this name is the bright sea and this is the alternative to Miriam and which makes it a very cute name for an Aquarius girl


Aura, meaning "wind" or "soft breeze," honours the Air sign. It sounds melodic. If you prefer water-bearer names, Ara means "bringing rain."


If you want a snowy Aquarius baby name, look no further. Winter, a name everyone can spell, honours the quiet cold season.


Cara, meaning "friend" in Irish Gaelic, is a strong, sweet name. Rising Aquariuses are independent but loyal to their friends.


Neve, an Irish and Latin name that means "bright" and "snowy," is a sweet choice for your curious, creative Aquarius baby, especially if they were born on a snowy day. The only famous person with this name is Neve Campbell.

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